Gastroenterologìa (Nov 2015)

Clinical and Anamnestic Features of Hepatic Steatosis in Children

  • N.Yu. Zavgorodnia,
  • O.Yu. Lukianenko,
  • V.B. Yagmur,
  • I.Yu. Skyrda,
  • O.P. Petishko

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 49, no. 4.58
pp. 74 – 78


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The article is devoted to the study of clinical and anamnestic features of hepatic steatosis in children. The results of a comparative analysis of survey data of patients with evidence of hepatic steatosis and patients without steatosis were shown. The presence and degree of hepatic steatosis was found using FibroScan-touch-502 by measuring controlled attenuation parameter (CAP). The features of lifestyle and nutrition of children with steatosis were determined: hypodynamic lifestyle, the prevalence of fast food habits, insufficient consumption of liquid. It was established that hepatic steatosis is closely associated with obesity and hypothalamic disorders, increased both blood pressure and serum levels of atherogenic lipids.