Cancer Cell International (Feb 2023)

Molecular mechanisms of microRNA-216a during tumor progression

  • Amir Abbas Hamidi,
  • Negin Taghehchian,
  • Amir Sadra Zangouei,
  • Iman Akhlaghipour,
  • Amirhosein Maharati,
  • Zahra Basirat,
  • Meysam Moghbeli

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 23, no. 1
pp. 1 – 18


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Abstract MicroRNAs (miRNAs) as the members of non-coding RNAs family are involved in post-transcriptional regulation by translational inhibiting or mRNA degradation. They have a critical role in regulation of cell proliferation and migration. MiRNAs aberrations have been reported in various cancers. Considering the importance of these factors in regulation of cellular processes and their high stability in body fluids, these factors can be suggested as suitable non-invasive markers for the cancer diagnosis. MiR-216a deregulation has been frequently reported in different cancers. Therefore, in the present review we discussed the molecular mechanisms of the miR-216a during tumor progression. It has been reported that miR-216a mainly functioned as a tumor suppressor through the regulation of signaling pathways and transcription factors. This review paves the way to suggest the miR-216a as a probable therapeutic and diagnostic target in cancer patients.