Contribution to the floristic knowledge of Velino and Aterno valleys (Lazio-Abruzzo, central Italy)

Italian Botanist. 2019;7:93-100 DOI 10.3897/italianbotanist.7.34697


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Fabrizio Bartolucci (Università di Camerino)

Laura Cancellieri (Università della Tuscia)

Fabio Conti (Università di Camerino)

Enrico Banfi (Sezione di Botanica, Museo di Storia Naturale di Milano)

Daniela Bouvet (Università di Torino)

Michela Celestini (Università della Tuscia)

Giampiero Ciaschetti (Ufficio Botanico)

Romeo Di Pietro (Università di Roma)

Francesco Falcinelli (Unaffiliated)

Simonetta Fascetti (Alimentari ed Ambientali Università della Basilicata)

Gabriele Galasso (Sezione di Botanica, Museo di Storia Naturale di Milano)

Edda Lattanzi (Unaffiliated)

Rizzieri R. Masin (Unaffiliated)

Riccardo Pennesi (Università di Camerino)

Leonardo Rosati (Unaffiliated)

Adriano Stinca (Università della Campania Luigi Vanvitelli)

Agnese Tilia (Sapienza Università di Roma)

T’ai G.W. Forte (Università di Torino)

Anna Scoppola (Università della Tuscia)


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The inventory of the taxa collected during the annual field trip of the working group for Floristics, Systematics and Evolution of the Italian Botanical Society is reported. The field trip was held in 2016 along the Velino and Aterno valleys located between Lazio and Abruzzo administrative regions (central Italy). The flora documented for the studied area amounts to 629 specific and subspecific taxa (including two hybrids) belonging to 300 genera and 69 families. Thirty-eight taxa are endemic to Italy, and only 16 alien taxa were detected. Thirty-eight taxa are included in the IUCN Red List of the Italian Flora. Twenty-four taxa have to be considered as floristic novelties because either new or confirmed for the regional flora of Lazio or Abruzzo. In particular, 15 taxa are new and 6 are confirmed for Lazio. Regarding Abruzzo, 2 taxa are new for the regional flora and one is confirmed. Furthermore, the alien status in Lazio has been updated for one taxon.