Cogent Arts & Humanities (2017-01-01)

Veneration and elation as proceeds of pilgrimage: A practice in exemplar orthodox churches of Addis Ababa

  • Beyene Chekol

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 4, no. 1


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Orthodox Churches in Addis Ababa have long history, which have been established for providing spiritual and secular services. Pertaining to religion, churches have provided spiritual services in the form of teaching in religious schools, video-visual preaching, publications, printed leaflets, and pilgrimages. People have traveled from place to place within or out of their country for spiritual conception which is expressed as pilgrimage. Orthodox churches in Addis Ababa, therefore encouraged pilgrimage in the sense of seeing different shrines of Christianity as a good way of devotion and penance for spiritual life, for economic and ideological benefits. This study is attempted to express the main concepts how and when the pilgrimage was started in the case of these four churches of Addis Ababa, to argue on the notable sites for religious tour and the manner how these places have been visited by the pilgrims, and to show significances of such religious journeys. For intelligible qualitative analysis method, the researcher collected the data from available archival materials, books, articles, and informants who are active participants of the pilgrimage.