First occurrence of knight rock shrimp, Sicyonia lancifer (Olivier, 1811) (Decapoda: Sicyoniidae) in the Mediterranean Sea.

Mediterranean Marine Science. 2015;17(1):144-146 DOI 10.12681/mms.1457


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Journal Title: Mediterranean Marine Science

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Publisher: Hellenic Centre for Marine Research

LCC Subject Category: Agriculture: Aquaculture. Fisheries. Angling

Country of publisher: Greece

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A. PATANIA (University of Bologna)

E. MUTLU (Akdeniz University)


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The occurrence of the non-native species Sicyonia lancifer  (Olivier, 1811) belonging to Sicyoniidae family is reported for the first time in the Mediterranean Sea. In the following  paper  the distinguishing features of the species are provided.