BizInfo (Jul 2022)

Importance of presentation skills in contemporary business

  • Milovan Vuković,
  • Snežana Urošević,
  • Darko Radosavljević

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 13, no. 1
pp. 87 – 93


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Improving presentation skills has been a popular issue since ancient times, and today is becoming a necessity in many activities, especially in the context of management. In modern business, according to experts in this field, the ability to present ideas is considered an important feature of employees. Professional presentations, in fact, are a significant and common method of disseminating information. Presentation skills are a real challenge in the case of teachers, researchers and scientists, who are at the beginning of their professional careers. They sometimes cause great anxiety. This paper therefore discusses various aspects of presentation skills, relevant to business people as well as researchers and scientists. Useful guidelines to help researchers and scientists hone their skills. The central part of the paper deals with the analysis of factors that affect the quality of the presentation for different purposes. The author's view is that presentation skills, like other skills, can be learned and developed through practice.