The „Pussy riot“ case and the post-secular hybrids

Filozofija i Društvo. 2013;24(1):444-457 DOI 10.2298/FID1301444U


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Journal Title: Filozofija i Društvo

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Publisher: Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory, Belgrade

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Country of publisher: Serbia

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Uzlaner Dmitrij


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The article is devoted to the analysis of the “Pussy riot” case and the peculiarities of Russian postsecularism. Special emphasis is placed on the phenomenon of post-secular hybrids, i.e. the overcoming of the situation of social differentiation between religion and other social subsystems (one of the main distinctive features of secularization). It is claimed that the materials of the trial against “Pussy riot” make evident the appearance in Russia of at least three post-secular hybrids: 1) the blending of religion and politics; 2) installation of religious norms into the public order of the secular state; 3) significance of confessional legal experts as part of the new “ideological state apparatus”.