Менеджмент та підприємництво: тренди розвитку (Oct 2021)

Integrated contact center HAI (Help, Answer, Improve) as information service innovation at the Ministry of Finance, Indonesia

  • Erys Al Fauzi Minhando,
  • Sudarmo,
  • Andre Noevi Rahmanto

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 3, no. 17
pp. 27 – 42


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Organizational change is unavoidable in the development of an organization. Responding to the dynamics of the environment that continues to change, it is necessary to have a form of innovation in all systems within the organization. Information services are important for the running of an organization. In public sector organizations, user information services are the main demands so that the service process can run well and by the wishes of users. This article aims to identify and describe the information service innovations that exist in the Ministry of Finance. Using qualitative methods with descriptive analysis, this study tries to describe and explain the existence of these policy innovations. this study conducted interviews with leaders connected to Contact Center HAI information service innovations and staff who run these innovation projects. Researchers also observe directly the process of change and innovation of information service systems that exist within the organization so that they can describe in detail the existing innovations. This article has the result of typologies of the information service innovation. There are five types of innovation, namely process innovation, product innovation, method innovation, system innovation, and conceptual innovation. The five innovations provide each progress for improving service performance in Contact Center HAI.