Kontrakt samorządowy jako nowy instrument finansowania zintegrowanych działań w ramach partnerstw lokalnych we wdrażaniu polityki spójności Unii Europejskiej 2014-2020

Ekonomiczne Problemy Usług. 2017;129 DOI 10.18276/epu.2017.129-13


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Journal Title: Ekonomiczne Problemy Usług

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Magdalena Kogut-Jaworska (Uniwersytet Szczeciński WydziałZarządzania i Ekonomiki Usług)

Bogdan Wankiewicz (Państwowa Wyższa Szkoła Zawodowa w Wałczu)


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It is the local authorities responsibility to boost and shape the local and regional devel¬opment. The local govermnent units in cooperation with entrepreneurs, the education sector and non-governmental organisations in the negotiated instrument became an important players of plan¬ning and implementation of integrated projects relevant to self-government development. The close cooperation between the local authorities at every level should enable to distribute the European funds within the 2014-2020 RPO project. The idea of the local government contract is a territorial concentration of interventions and resources in pro-economic undertakings. This means that the priority projects carried out by.