Cesta Svazu vynálezců do Národního technického muzea. Svaz vynálezců v Praze v letech 1920–1951

Historicka Sociologie. 2017;2017(1):73-92 DOI 10.14712/23363525.2017.24


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Journal Title: Historicka Sociologie

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Ivan Jakubec


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The paper is devoted to so far neglected and specifically focused Association – The Inventors Association in Prague. There was a desire by its members to present technical innovations and their own research and inventive activities to a wider public in form of exhibitions, licenses or patents. Thus, this was an example of modernization during first half of 20st century. At the same time, the Association developed into an unusually large membership base of several hundred members. Part of this paper is also an attempt to analyze the structure of the membership platform based on the fragmentarily preserved research sources. In many cases the members of the association held important positions within technical, administrative or managerial professions.