Revista [email protected] Educare (Jun 2003)

La revisión de un cuento medieval en un sitio de Internet

  • Monique Noël-Gaudreault,
  • Flore Gervais

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 0, no. 4
pp. 109 – 120


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This article has as a topic the revision of a text with the help of a Web page. Our question was, “What are the elements of the rewriting phase for a didactical sequence on fiction writing, when using computer tools, in this case to create a tale within a medieval setting?” We summarize the advantages of using a Web site for this, and we go on by tracing out the concepts that underlie rereading and rewriting the tale, and by listing the main objects to check during the revision process, completeness, coherence-cohesion, vocabulary, syntax and spelling.