Antarctic Record (Jul 1998)

A great earthquake in the Antarctic plate on 25 March 1998

  • Yoko Tono,
  • Katsutada Kaminuma

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 42, no. 2
pp. 190 – 195


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A great earthquake occurred in the Antarctic Plate at 03h 12m 24.7s (UT) on 25 March 1998. The location and magnitude of the earthquake determined by United States Geological Survey are as follows : 62.876°S, 149.712°E, 10km depth m_b 6.8,M_s 8.0. In response to a request for earthquake information from Syowa Station (69°00′S, 39°35′E) to Dumont d'Urville Station of France (66°40′S, 140°01′E), the station leader reported that all wintering members in the station felt a quake and something on the shelf in the building fell down. The intensity at the station was estimated to be III∿IV by the intensity scale of Japanese Meteorological Agency. This earthquake is the first great earthquake of magnitude 8 recorded in the Antarctic Plate since IGY of 1957 and the first earthquake felt in Antarctica except for volcanic earthquakes.