Гуманитарный вектор (Jun 2020)

Issues of Administrative Transformation of the Yakut Region in the Views of Siberian Officials: the 1790s–1800s

  • Aisen D. Vasiliev

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 15, no. 3
pp. 127 – 134


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Based on archival data, the article shows the poorly studied history of the formation of the Yakutsk regional administration in 1805, similar to Nerchinsk, which functioned in a cross-border environment. The role of Siberian officials in determining the new administrative and territorial status of the Oblast for Yakutia is highlighted. The urgency of the problem is due to the growth of scientific interest in the study of the historical experience of public administration, in particular, in Asian Russia. For the first time in historical science, the project “On the Improvement of the Yakutsk Region” is considered, namely, proposals for the administrative transformation of Yakutia, sponsored by local officials ‒ Ivan Evers, who served as a prominent judge for 10 years and Stepan Garnovsky, who was a zemstvo police officer for 7 years. The author also presents the positions of Siberian administrators represented by the Irkutsk military governor B. B. Lezzano and the Siberian Governor-General I. O. Selifontov on the implementation of this project. The study is based on historical-genetic, historical-comparative and historical-systemic methods. As a result of the study, the main specific factors of the Yakutsk Territory were identified and analyzed, such as the geographical location, the vastness of the region, related to the distance from the provincial center ‒ Irkutsk and the small population that influenced the formation of the regional form of government in this northeastern outskirts of the Russian Empire. The supply of Okhotsk and other distant points of the state with state goods is noted as the key reason for the establishment of a special civil government in the city of Yakutsk ‒ the Yakutsk regional government in 1805 as a result of reforms of the Governor-General of Siberia I. O. Selifontov. In conclusion, the significance of the historical experience of the establishment and functioning of the regional form of government in Yakutia on the organization of management of the outskirts of Russia in the XIXth century is highlighted.