BioImpacts (May 2021)

Phenomenology of human collective consciousness confronting COVID-19: The trace of the pandemic in the humane mind

  • Alireza Farnam

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 11, no. 3
pp. 165 – 167


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No nation is protected against the damages of COVID-19 and this disease seems to be changing the global collective consciousness, taking humans to the deepest conflict of "to be or not to be" - a "life or death" situation! The characteristic feature of the upcoming years in the expanded global collective consciousness seems to be "existential anxiety", and human beings from various societies will deal with the existential issues more explicitly. Coping with existential anxiety could not be acquired merely by mental knowledge alone, and this ability must be acquired by going through mental growth and transcendence and find the ability to help people flourish themselves.