Belgické politické strany a jejich postoje k evropskému integračního procesu

Central European Political Studies Review. 2005;7(2–3):188-206


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Journal Title: Central European Political Studies Review

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Publisher: Masaryk University

Society/Institution: International Institute of Political Science

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Country of publisher: Czechia

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Martin Habáň


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Belgium is considered to be one of the most Europhil member states of the European Union. This article presents approaches of Belgian political parties to European integration. The article questions whether there are hard or soft Euroskepticism parties, for example Flemish Block or francophone Front National, as defined by Paul Taggart and Aleks Szczerbiak, or whether these regional parties present its approaches to European integration as defined by Gary Marks, Carole Wilson and Leonard Ray. The article also debates the Nicolo Conti theory.