Bìznes Inform (Aug 2018)

The Organizational Support of Formation of Professional Teams of Management Staff with the Help of Socionics

  • Otenko Vasyl I.,
  • Doronin Stepan A.

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 8, no. 487
pp. 217 – 224


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The article is aimed at defining possibilities and ways of using socionics to diagnose the prerequisites for the association of employees of the departments of enterprise management system with unique personal perception of working situations in a unique team, capable to react professionally and mobileally to various non-standard events in the working process. According to the results of system analysis and generalization of scientific works, the article provides a definition of personality as a totality of original social properties of individual, which are manifested in the behavior, communication, professional activity, capability to contribute to the formation of a collective workforce. The essence and the content of various organizational forms of labor cooperation are analyzed, substantiating the relevance of being guided in the course of research of professional mobility of management personnel by its cooperation activity in the form of a team. On the example of specific teams with the use of technologies of socionics the algorithm of building the organizational support of formation of mobile teams of management staff has been implemented. Further researches is expedient to concentrate on substantiation of methodical maintenance of the system of educational measures for development of professional mobility of managerial teams.