Polymers (May 2021)

Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of Bonded Patch Repairs of a Rubber Reinforced Composite Conveyor Belt

  • Rawdha Kessentini,
  • Olga Klinkova,
  • Imad Tawfiq,
  • Mohamed Haddar

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 13, no. 1710
p. 1710


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The present study proposes a reparation method for designing and optimizing a rubber to rubber and rubber to textile reinforcement. The present application is the conveyor belt used in the transport industry. The tensile behavior of the repaired specimens was studied using experimental results. A bidirectional linear analysis allows us to predict the effect of geometric parameters on the stress concentration zone of the repaired belt under hygro-thermo mechanical loading and its consequence on the integrity of the structure. A tensile test was carried out in order to investigate the behavior of a repaired specimen made with a rubber cover patch and an inner composite patch. Two stacking sequences of an inner composite patch and the material properties are considered in the parametric study in order to reduce the stress concentration in the parent belt. The correlation between the theoretical and experimental results allows us to define a strength tool to understand the load transfer from rubber to a textile rubber patch.