İnsan&İnsan Bilim Kültür Sanat ve Düşünce Dergisi (Oct 2021)

The Role of the Artificial Intelligence in the Labour Law Relations in European and Asian Aspect

  • Gábor MÉLYPTAKI,
  • Zsófia RİCZU,
  • Dávid MÁTÉ,
  • Panggih Kusuma NİNGRUM

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 8, no. 30
pp. 69 – 83


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Artificial Intelligence and automation are some of the most defining elements of the XXI century, whose significant imprint is manifested in society and social relations. Digital development is transforming the world of work - this thesis is the starting point of many kinds of research. This principle is also the basic premise of the present study, as it transforms working and employment conditions to develop and spread digital technologies, resulting in an untraceable process. As the maker of individual decisions, artificial intelligence can create a new context in labour law. The study aims to examine the labour law entity of artificial intelligence, outlining the Asian and European distribution of reactions to the introduction of automatic decision-making and the impact of MI on industrial relations. The outstanding importance of the topic is also shown by the fact that numerous studies deal with examining legal personality outside labour law.