Ethylbenzene Disproportionation on HZSM-5 Zeolite : The Effect of Aluminum Content and Crystal Size on the Selectivity for p-Diethylbenzene

Brazilian Journal of Chemical Engineering. 1998;15(2)


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Journal Title: Brazilian Journal of Chemical Engineering

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Publisher: Brazilian Society of Chemical Engineering

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Velasco N.D.
Machado M.S.
Cardoso D.


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The aim of this work was to verify the effect of MFI aluminum content and crystal size on the selectivity for para-diethylbenzene during ethylbenzene disproportionation. It was observed that the para-diethylbenzene selectivity increased as MFI crystal size increased. The increase in aluminum content caused a decrease in the selectivity for para-diethylbenzene. However, for crystals larger than 8 <FONT FACE="Symbol">m</FONT> m, the decrease in aluminum content had little influence on the selectivity for para-diethylbenzene. The results can be explained by the number of active aluminum sites on the external surface of the crystals.