Akofena (Jun 2024)

Linguistic Research in Light of Modern Linguistics

  • Samra AMOR

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 05, no. 012


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Abstract: Modern linguistic research is one of the research projects that relies in its steps on the scientific method, as language is studied scientifically in itself and for its own sake, as De Saussure says. This is to provide a complete, specific, and clear description of language, and to explain its various functions on the basis that all languages share a set of facts, which are the basic components of language, which are (phonological component, morphological component, syntactic component, lexical component, and semantic component), in addition to the social nature of language. Any language must have a phonetic system through which sounds are followed to form words, and words are followed through this system to form sentences with meaning.Modern linguistics looking at language as a phonetic phenomenon. It is concerned with the spoken linguistic reality, which requires objectivity in expressing the facts and phenomena under study, and investigates scientificity and clarity of the method, in order to reach accurate results that express the linguistic reality. Keywords: linguistics, linguistic research, scientificity, objectivity, De Saussure.