Autobiografia (Jan 2015)

Kilka słów o niemieckich podręcznikach i tradycjach pisania autobiograficznego – najciekawsze porady i inspiracje

  • Brygida Helbig-Mischewski

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 4


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Currently a huge number of manuals on creative writing, especially autobiographical writing, is being published in Germany. Also very popular are literary autobiographies about family histories connected to the former GDR. The German manuals distinguish between the two most popular types of autobiographical writing: writing as therapy (inspired by psychoanalytical thought) and writing for literary purposes. Their techniques overlap more and more, inspire each other and thus bear the fruit of new methods to stimulate one’s creativity. Creative writing can be aimed at private purposes (f.e. to leave behind a symbolic legacy for one’s descendants) or can be aimed at the public – the chosen method depends on the goal. The author of the text presents the manuals’ most interesting advises on the motivation for writing, the best conditions for creative work, techniques of non-linear writing, the stimulation of private memories, narrative techniques and questions of style and language. The author also points to the existential aspect of autobiographical writing – it deepens one’s experience of life.