Internal Affairs Sector: Towards a new Law on Police

Zbornik Radova: Pravni Fakultet u Novom Sadu. 2015;49(3):1371-1388 DOI 10.5937/zrpfns49-9722


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Journal Title: Zbornik Radova: Pravni Fakultet u Novom Sadu

ISSN: 0550-2179 (Print); 2406-1255 (Online)

Publisher: University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Law

LCC Subject Category: Law

Country of publisher: Serbia

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Radivojević Nenad P. (University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Law, Novi Sad, Serbia)


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By establishing the Inspector General's Service within the Department of Public Safety in 2001, Serbia became one of the countries that have institutionalized internal control of the police. By the adoption of the Law on Police in 2005, the name of the Service was renamed in the Internal Affairs Sector. Ten years of work of the Internal Affairs Sector revealed the existence of certain problems because of a inadequate and not complete legal framework. That was, among other, the reason for initiating the adoption of the new Law on Police. This paper presents solutions of the Draft Law on Police, in part related to the work of the Sector. The Draft contains some new solutions that could improve the efficiency of the Sector, but some doubts and uncertainties still remain, that will also be explained in this paper.