Cхід (Apr 2013)

Application of object analysis for modeling system of development personnel

  • Mykhailo Humeniuk

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 0, no. 2(122)
pp. 20 – 23


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The article summarized the fundamental principles of an effective system of personnel development at the industrial enterprise and constructed fragments of the object model of the system, which is the initial informative basis for automation of HR at the company. The initial presentation of staff development in the object diagram notation is a precedent that gives an overview of the functional features of the actor, which in this case is the service management. The next step is to develop a modeling class diagrams, which allows to introduce fukntsionalni features involved in the implementation of objects precedent, what has to be divided into two stages. In the first stage examines the process of training that exists in the company, and are the persons that in the model presented in the form of classes. The second stage - with features defined implementation process automation in this precedent, and therefore changes the structure of interacting entities, which is the reason for changing class composition of the system. Considering the system of staff development in terms of set of elementary actions that implement the algorithm for handling objects, the diagram of a precedent for "Professional training". To implement the basic scenario involved objects "Expert development and training", "Accounting", "Director", "E-learning", with each of them performing certain actions only consistent implementation allows to implement activities script. With further development of the full object model will investigate the static and dynamic aspects of systems development personnel of industrial enterprises, and thus identify ways to improve it by implementing process automation.