Ciencia UNEMI (2015-04-01)

Los Sistemas de Información para lograr un desarrollo competitivo en el sector agrícola

  • Rea-Sánchez, Víctor,
  • Maldonado-Cevallos, César,
  • Villao-Santos, Freddy

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 8, no. 13
pp. 122 – 129


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The purpose of this study is to analyze the evolution of information technology and how the use of information systems in agriculture contribute to integrated and sustainable development of operations. The bibliographies used in this research were collected from the search engine Google Scholar using Mendeley as direct source for searches, storage and subsequent analysis and interpretation of the information which was obtained through the keywords: “information technologies” “information systems”, “agriculture web”, “mobile technologies” and their alternatives. For the comprehensive and sustainable development of agriculture it is imperative to use information systems; this should be considered and set as a line of strategic development within any agricultural activity; we are in a digitized world and agriculture therefore must be immersed in this line. This article aims to review how the information systems influence the ability of agricultural companies to achieve competitive advantage online and sustainability over time. The document provides reliable and accurate information on the subject under review and is one of the few studies of this type in Ecuador.