Sovremennye Issledovaniâ Socialʹnyh Problem (Jan 2013)


  • Kortunov Vadim Vadimovich

Journal volume & issue
no. 1


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Having entered the XXI century, a century that is not coincidentally called "the information era" and "the age of high technology", the humanity faced with a new, hitherto unseen world of telecommunications. This world, in many ways, took the humanity by surprise. First, the advent of high-tech was pinned with the hopes for the birth of "post-industrial society", i.e. a society where a person gains freedom, creativity and maximum opportunity for self-realization, comfort and convenience. All the "dirty work" and manual labor were to be performed by high-tech machines, freeing person’s time for the solution of more interesting and worthy tasks. At that time, people did not and could not think about the problems and threats, that the age of global computerization and information would bring. Even the most brilliant minds of the XX century were not able to predict, and, all the more, to prevent the risks that in the XXI century have become quite tangible and relevant.