Responsive Social Psychologies to Animals

Athenea Digital. 2016;16(2):373-388 DOI 10.5565/rev/athenea.1845


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Dolores Galindo (Universidade Federal de Matogrosso)

Danielle Milioli

Ricardo Méllo (Universidade Federal do Ceará)


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In this essay we approach some clues of research that move at the interface between Social Psychology and Ethology, discussing responsive relationships with animals from the contributions of Vinciane Despret. We argue that to be apart of the emerging social psychology of aspects critical in Latin America after the 1970s crisis, ethology has become not to evolutionary social psychologists interested in the study of the agency not restricted to human. What practices can bring the Ethology for Social Psychologies? Which derive stories (re)encounter between the animal studies in this field translated and placed under other questions by the Social Psychologies? From a body in movement, employed as psychosocial research method, we have testimony of production which is beyond survival through pairing elements and paired opposites that lead the body to resistance limits, the limits of the human borders.