Studia Maritima (Jan 2019)


  • Adrian Watkowski

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 32


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The presented article is a biographical sketch of Rear Admiral Gereon Grzeni – Romanowski (1916–1983). He was a pre-war officer of the Polish Army who fought in the communist re- sistance during the Second World War. After the Second World War, he made a fast career as a political officer of the Polish People’s Army. His greatest promotion was to receive the post of deputy commander of the Navy for political affairs, which he held in the years 1956–1965. In the work on the article, a comparative method was used, consisting of a krytical juxtapo- sition of various sources (opinions, reports, biographies), which was helpful in determining the selected stages of Grzeni – Romanowski’s life. The biographical sketch of Rear Admiral Grzenia – Romanowski shows that the highest positions in the Polish People’s Army were often occupied by people who do not have adequate knowledge and competences. With their promotion, Grzenia-Romanowski’s likewise, their political commitment and good contacts with the most important decision-makers of the period were more important.