Sustainability (Dec 2022)

Stakeholders’ Perspectives on Implementing “Internationalization at Home” for China’s International Education Sustainability: Challenges and Strategies

  • Jian Li,
  • Eryong Xue

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 15, no. 247
p. 247


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The purpose of this study was to examine stakeholders’ perspectives on implementing “internationalization at home” for international education sustainability in China in the post-epidemic era. We conducted semi-structured interviews with 26 (12 male and 14 female) participants to explore their opinions on the challenges of and strategies for the implementation of “internationalization at home” in higher education institutions. It was found that an institutional international curriculum mechanism construction is needed. The cross-cultural teaching capacity of faculty members needs to be promoted. Funding resources and organizational guarantees need to be provided. International campus environments and cultures need to be built. The discussion and conclusions are provided in the last section.