Teoría de la Educación: Revista Interuniversitaria (2017-06-01)

Sustainable human development: an educational commitment

  • Ángela BARRÓN RUIZ

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 29, no. 1 (en-jun)
pp. 25 – 53


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Sustainable Human Development (hereafter SHD) is taking shape as a proposal for progress in the face of a crisis in civilization so complex and far-reaching that it is considered quite difficult to solve. The aim of this article is to offer a reasoned justification of the evolution of the concept of development and of the need for an educational commitment to be able to make progress towards it. Although it is still polemical and the object of criticism, SHD has become consolidated as a strongly ethical proposal to lead the change in the course of development, transversally affecting its multiple dimensions and advocating interdisciplinary and intercultural cooperation and dialogue. The article analyses the challenges posed by SHD to today’s global society, as well as some ways to respond to them from the field of educational action and research. It concludes with a reasoned structuring of the contents of the monograph and an analytical description of the contents of the different contributions.