Risk in Contemporary Economy (Nov 2011)

Corporate Social Responsability and Organization Policy

  • Nicoleta CRISTACHE,
  • Irina SUSANU,
  • Adrian MICU

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 1
pp. 225 – 230


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At a time when the world is interested in phenomena such as, ecology, environment, food safety, ozone layer depletion, famine and their effects on social responsibility initiatives are becoming increasingly well received. Even if you can not give a real dimension of the concept of social responsibility-taking as any guarantee of success, an organization must be aware that there is only a tool for maximizing the value of image design, but an essential element of long-term success in direct connection with social and environmental performance of the community. To work is to highlight the link between corporate social responsibility strategies and success in solving organizational policies company issues under restrictive conditions imposed by nouile economic, social and political.