European Journal of Medical Research (Jun 2011)

Management of pelvic lymphoceles after radical prostatectomy: A multicentre community based study

  • Khoder WY,
  • Trottmann M,
  • Seitz M,
  • Buchner A,
  • Stuber A,
  • Hoffmann S,
  • Stief CG,
  • Becker AJ

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 16, no. 6
p. 280


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Abstract Introduction Pelvic lymphoceles (LC) following radical prostatectomy (LC-RP) have an incidence up to 27%. LC-managements constitute 50% of surgical interventions performed in post-RP patients. Objectives To describe a therapeutic algorithm for LC-managements based on a community based representative retrospective study. Patients and methods: Multicentre data from 304 patients with LC-RP were retrospectively examined for LC-managements. RPs were performed by various surgeons from 67 urological departments. All patients had undergone 3 weeks rehabilitation in a specialized hospital where the data base was generated. Indications and results of therapeutic manoeuvres were used to develop a general concept for planning therapy decisions. Results Median age was 64 years. Complications occurred in 9% (28/304) of patients. Median LC-volume was 36 ml (range 20-1800 ml). There were more complications for LCs with ≥100 ml volume than those Conclusions This study based treatment algorithm provides a rationale approach with an accurate LC-classification as regard the indications and decision making for the available LC-RP-therapies. This could facilitate management decisions. Evaluation of this concept prospectively in large patient cohort is mandatory.