BIO Web of Conferences (Feb 2014)

Analyses of volatile organic compounds and refractory organic residues coming from the heating of interstellar ice analogues

  • Danger Grégoire,
  • Duvernay Fabrice,
  • Theulé Patrice,
  • Borget Fabien,
  • Marcellus Pierre de,
  • Orthous-Daunay F-R.,
  • Vuitton Véronique,
  • Sergeant d’Hendecourt Louis le,
  • Thissen Roland,
  • Chiavassa Thierry

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 2
p. 03004


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We use Very High Resolution Mass Spectrometry for analyses of the soluble fraction of yellow stuff produced in laboratory. Their analyses show that they are composed of molecules with high molecular weight (m/z>4000). Fragmentations suggest that grafted molecules constitute a part of them. Hexamethylenetetramine derivatives have also been detected. First results and further analytical developments will be presented to facilitate the understanding of the residue composition and of its chemical evolution. Furthermore, we present for the first time the concept of the VAHIIA project which concerns the analysis of volatiles coming from the heating of interstellar ice analogues.