Antarctic Record (Nov 1988)

Report on the geological and geomorphological survey at Mt.Vechernyaya and Mt.Riiser-Larsen, Enderby Land, 1988 (JARE-29)

  • Hiroshi Makimoto,
  • Masao Asami,
  • Masamu Aniya,
  • Masahisa Hayashi,
  • Edwqrd S. Grew

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 32, no. 3
pp. 364 – 374


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The field party of the 29th Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition carried out geological and geomorphological field work in the Mt. Vechernyaya and Mt. Riiser-Larsen areas of Enderby Land from February 14th to 22nd, 1988. The main objective of geological survey was to obtain rock samples for petrological and geochronological studies on the Rayner and Napier Complexes which constitute Mt. Vechernyaya and Mt. Riiser-Larsen, respectively. Geomorphological field work comprised visual observations of glacial and periglacial landforms and sampling of efflorescences and glacial deposits. The present report gives detailes of the field operation and preliminary results of the field observations.