European Journal of Entomology (Nov 2003)

A taxonomic review of Japanese Asteia (Diptera: Acalyptrata: Asteiidae)

  • Masahiro SUEYOSHI

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 100, no. 4
pp. 609 – 623


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The Japanese species of Asteiidae are revised. Six species of Asteia Meigen, 1830, are recorded here in addition to Astiosoma okinawae Sabrosky, 1957, hitherto recorded from Japan. Among them, Asteia gemina, A. longistylus, A. lunaris, and A. nigrigena are described as new to science. Asteia angustipennis Duda, 1934, and A. megalophthalma Duda, 1927, are recorded from Japan for the first time. There are conspicuous morphological differences in the male and female genitalia of the seven species of Asteia. It is suggested that Asteia angustipennis, A. concinna, and A. gemina are very closely related and may be reproductively isolated because of their body markings and male genitalia. These species are assigned to the concinna group of Asteia, newly designated in this study. A key to Japanese species and distribution maps are provided.