Journal of Open Psychology Data (Feb 2022)

Exploring Individual Differences in Response to Reading Intervention: Data from Project KIDS (Kids and Individual Differences in Schools)

  • Wilhelmina van Dijk,
  • Cynthia U. Norris,
  • Stephanie Al Otaiba,
  • Christopher Schatschneider,
  • Sara A. Hart

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 10, no. 1


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This manuscript provides information on datasets pertaining to Project KIDS. Datasets include behavioral and achievement data for over 4,000 students between five and twelve years old participating in nine randomized control trials of reading instruction and intervention between 2005–2011, and information on home environments of a subset of 442 students collected via parent survey in 2013. All data is currently stored on an online data repository and freely available. Data might be of interest to researchers interested in individual differences in reading development and response to instruction and intervention, as well as to instructors of data analytic methods such as hierarchical linear modeling and psychometrics.