Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research (Sep 2015)

De novo Choledocholithiasis in Retained Common Bile Duct Stent

  • Manish H. Upwanshi,
  • Salman T. Shaikh,
  • Smruti R. Ghetla,
  • Tilakdas S. Shetty

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 9, no. 9
pp. PD17 – PD18


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De novo choledocholithiasis means formation of stone in the common bile duct (CBD). It can present as biliary colic, jaundice, cholangitis, pancreatitis or it may be asymptomatic. There are various indications for biliary stenting like CBD stone, CBD stricture, biliary leak, peri ampullary carcinoma, CBD malignancy, etc. Foreign bodies like silk sutures, endo-clips, fish bone, retained T- tubes, plastic or metallic stents, etc. lead to biliary stasis leading to eventual stone formation. Here, we discuss a case of choledocholithiasis post-cholecystectomy with CBD stenting done 15 years back which had migrated and acted as a nidus for stone formation in the CBD and hepatic duct.