International Journal of Molecular Sciences (Apr 2019)

Acyl-CoA-Binding Domain-Containing 3 (ACBD3; PAP7; GCP60): A Multi-Functional Membrane Domain Organizer

  • Xihua Yue,
  • Yi Qian,
  • Bopil Gim,
  • Intaek Lee

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 20, no. 8
p. 2028


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Acyl-CoA-binding domain-containing 3 (ACBD3) is a multi-functional scaffolding protein, which has been associated with a diverse array of cellular functions, including steroidogenesis, embryogenesis, neurogenesis, Huntington’s disease (HD), membrane trafficking, and viral/bacterial proliferation in infected host cells. In this review, we aim to give a timely overview of recent findings on this protein, including its emerging role in membrane domain organization at the Golgi and the mitochondria. We hope that this review provides readers with useful insights on how ACBD3 may contribute to membrane domain organization along the secretory pathway and on the cytoplasmic surface of intracellular organelles, which influence many important physiological and pathophysiological processes in mammalian cells.