"Mission to Brazils": BFASS and the organizing of a secret abolitionist mission to Brazil in the early 1840s

Revista de História. 2016;0(174):69-100 DOI 10.11606/issn.2316-9141.rh.2016.115377


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Journal Title: Revista de História

ISSN: 0034-8309 (Print); 2316-9141 (Online)

Publisher: Universidade de São Paulo

LCC Subject Category: History (General) and history of Europe: History (General) | History America: Latin America. Spanish America

Country of publisher: Brazil

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Henrique Antonio Ré (Universidade de São Paulo. Faculdade de Filosofia Letras e Ciências Humanas. Departamento de História)



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In 1839, the British and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society (BFASS) covertly organized a mission to visit Brazil and, to achieve it, hired a British couple – George and Charlotte Pilkington – that should remain in the country for more than a year to collect information on trafficking and slavery and make abolitionist propaganda. From 1841, some of the information obtained by this mission was published by Anti-Slavery Reporter, the official journal of the Society. However, BFASS hid for about half a century his involvement in this venture, which only becomes clear from the crossing of information from various historical sources.