Antarctic Record (Mar 1965)


  • Yukihisa USUKU,
  • Masayuki HOSOYA

Journal volume & issue
no. 24
pp. 1897 – 1909


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This snow car is designed for the travel through the Antarctic inland. The main requirements for the design are as follows : 1. Performance of the engine at high altitudes must be improved so that the car can climb up to 4,000 m. 2. Durability of components and parts at extremely low temperatures (about-60℃) must be ensured. 3. The tractive force of the car must be strong enough to two sleds which weigh more than 6 tons. 4. The cabin must be of the cabover type and perfectly protected from blizzards. Since the car must be designed and constructed within a year, we decided to improve the Type 61 Snow Car currently in use by the Japan Ground Self Defence Force, so as to satisfy the above requirements. Before designing, we have studied and tested the performances of engine and turbochargers, selection of materials, durability of track plates and suspension springs and other parts. The car has about 8.5 tons gross weight, 0.20 kg/cm^2 ground contact pressure and accommodates a crew of 3 men. The body is of a cabover type, and the cabin is equipped with heating apparatus, ventilators, beds, cooking apparatus and others. The observation instruments and communication equipments also can be installed in it. The car has a 140 PS diesel engine and can cruise at a speed of about 5 km/h when towing 3 sleds weighing totally about 8 tons. The construction of the car will be completed at the end of January 1965, and then, the car will be tested in Hokkaido.