Evaluation of User Interface of DL + Federated Search Engine from the Perspective of M.A / M.S.C Students in Al-Zahra University in order to Provide Federated Search Engines User Interface Pattern

Iranian Journal of Information Processing & Management. 2014;28(4):1013-1036


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Journal Title: Iranian Journal of Information Processing & Management

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Publisher: Iranian Research Institute for Information and Technology

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Country of publisher: Iran, Islamic Republic of

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Amir Ghaebi ( )

Roya Baradar ( )

Mina Farnaghi ( )


Double blind peer review

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The aim of the study is investigate the Federated search engine user interface criteria from perspective of Al-Zahra post graduate students. In this research, survey analysis has been used. The study populations were all post graduate students of Al-Zahra University. Because of the extensive community, stratified random and relative sampling was used and total 330 students were accepted as Sample that only 303 people participated in this study. For data collection a researcher made questionnaire designed.The criteria from literature study. The results of the questionnaire by using SPSS software (version 20) and Excel 2007 application were analyzed. The results showed that the major component from graduate students' perspective is guidance and navigation and searched filter components. Results indicate that more than 50 percent of students the importance of 74 criteria of 96 criteria considered high and very high and, (therefore) the majority of the criteria in the study from the viewpoints are acceptable. However, findings also showed that among the four components of this study, the search filter, display and record review, consolidation and guidance is a positive relation, and between the views of different faculties is not significant difference about the importance of criterias and components.