Analiza i Egzystencja (Jan 2015)

Związek filozofii Karla Jaspersa z klasyczną antropologią filozoficzną XX wieku

  • Maciej Urbanek

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 32


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The main objective of this paper is to reconstruct Jaspers’ views on philosophical anthropology of the early twentieth century. The text can be divided into three parts. First part tries to reconstruct direct and indirect references which Jaspers makes toward: a) term “anthropology”, b) the representatives of philosophical anthropology. Second part shows Jaspers’ attitude toward Scheler’s anthropology. Third and final part raises a question: Why do we often regard Jaspers’ philosophy as anthropology, can he be considered as philosophical anthropologist? We will show that the main point of his critic is that anthropology sets biological point of view as a starting point for its inquiry on human being. Therefore, human being can not be seen adequately from anthropological perspective. Its specificity is reduced by anthropologists to the specific characteristics of species, a collection of biological, psychological and social conditions that describe the phenomenon of man but do not reach the depths of the human being.