Akofena (Jun 2024)

Analysis of Pedagogical Approaches to Teaching written Production in French as a Foreign Language: Evolution and Impacts

  • Fatiha DJEBAILI

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 03, no. 012


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Abstract: This article delves into the instruction of writing in French as a language (FSL) and explores the teaching methods utilized for this purpose, along with their development and the transformations they have undergone over time. It provides an examination of modern techniques as well as the progression of teaching writing in FFL throughout recent decades. The factors influencing these approaches are scrutinized, including advancements in technology shifts in learners as well as instructors’ attitudes and perspectives vis a vis improvements in language studies. Correspondingly, the strengths and weaknesses of teaching methods in FFL context are identified. This study aims to explore how French writing has evolved over time by analyzing teaching methods such as the Grammar Translation Method, Direct Method, Audio Oral Approach, Audiovisual Global Approach, Communicative Approach, Cognitive Approach and Skills-based Approach. The research focuses on understanding how each of these methods impacts the teaching of writing in a language and contributes to the enhancing language skills, among learners. Keywords: Teaching. Approaches, Language Skills, Learners.