Ukrainian Topics in the Radio Liberty Programs (1950s-1970s) (Based on M. Demkovych-Dobrianskyi’s archive)

Storìnki Istorìï. 2017;45 DOI 10.20535/2307-5244.45.2017.117731


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Journal Title: Storìnki Istorìï

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D. M. Kravets (Vasyl Stefanyk Lviv National Scientific Library of Ukraine)


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The paper deals with Radio Liberty programs devoted to Ukrainian topics: history, culture, policy etc. Presented paper is based on the Mykhaylo Demkovych-Dobrianskyi personal archive. M. Dobrianskyi (1905–2004) was one of the first chief-editors of the Ukrainian edition of Radio Liberty in Munich. The paper describes his biography and intellectual heritage. He studied jurisprudence in Lviv, Vienna and Berlin. Worked as an editor in different Ukrainian newspapers and journals. During 1956–1972 M. Dobrianskyi was professionally affiliated with Radio Liberty. After retirement, he lived in London. M. Dobrianskyi was an author of hundreds of radio programs dedicated to: Ukrainian-Russian relations (especially huge influence of Ukrainian scholars on Russian history), problems of Ukrainian culture in the Soviet Union (russification, lack of dictionaries and audio types with Ukrainian songs etc.), role of Ukrainian dissidents in the USSR (series of programs devoted to V. Chornovil, I. Dziuba etc.), situation in Ukrainian Catholic Church.