Innovative Marketing (Sep 2022)

Coping emotional discomfort at retail checkout: Potential distractions and implications

  • Vinish P,
  • Prakash Pinto,
  • Iqbal Thonse Hawaldar ,
  • M. M. Munshi

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 18, no. 3
pp. 159 – 169


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Retail customers often wait to complete their purchases during the checkout process. Prior research suggests that long checkout lines and service delays negatively affect customers’ evaluation of store services. The present study investigates the potential customer and in-store distractions and their implication for emotional discomfort due to crowding stress. This study employed a cross-sectional research design and surveyed 385 respondents visiting the target retail outlets in Bengaluru, India. Correlation analysis explored the relationship between self-distraction, in-store distractions, and emotional discomfort. The study found that self-distraction negatively correlates with discomfort while in the queue (r = –0.119) and discomfort during the billing (r = –0.119). In contrast, in-store distractions (r = –0.161) and video displays near the checkout area (r = 0.116) effectively reduce emotional discomfort while in the queue. Additionally, point-of-purchase (POP) display (r = –0.265) and availability of refreshments near the billing counter (r = –0.175) are effective in reducing emotional discomfort during the billing. This study thus offers viable and affordable methods of improving the customer’s waiting experience while contributing to store profits.