Ekonomiczne Problemy Usług (Jan 2017)

Inwestycja w rozwój kompetencji kluczowych wśród dzieci i młodzieży - studium przypadku

  • Małgorzata Skweres-Kuchta

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 129


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The purpose of this article is based on the development of a children's competency, is also showed children's creativity and ability to make an innovation. The main target of the research is to assess awareness and knowledge of economics aspects in this potential group of children. Also to show how big impact had a 'children university' in a process oflearning those children. Research was done on a group of "young students" taking a place into our program in west part of the country in 2016. Research results are showing that after school educational projects are very important for children who wants builds an economic knowledge. Sessions made children inspired to make a home discussion about social-economic process with their relatives. Children recognize a lot of economic idea's but sometimes they can't defined them into a right context. Children shows significant economical interest, they know well the money matters. They operates great funds management, for example how to spend and save their own pocket money. Most of the children said that being a part of this lesson's gave them an opportunity to build a economical interest and knowledge that they can use in future.