Revista de Direito Econômico e Socioambiental (2019-09-01)

Land-grabbing in and by Brazil: victim and buyer

  • Giulia Parola,
  • Lodovica Toffoletto

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 10, no. 2
pp. 3 – 29


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This article intends to analyse the dual role of the Brazil in the phenomenon of Land Grabbing. This paper addresses, in the first chapter, a definition of Land Grabbing, which helps in the delineation of the discourse, then in the second, gives a general analysis about the issue of Land Grabbing; in the third chapter, the study analyses the role of the Brazil as a victim, particularly in the areas of Cerrado and Amazonia; in the forth chapter the role of Lula’s government in the attempt to stem the Land Grabbing and, in the final part the Brazilian' role as a buyer, particularly focusing on the presence of Brazilian investors in Mozambique.