Radiology Case Reports (Mar 2017)

Obturator internus muscle strains

  • Caoimhe Byrne, MB BCh, BAO,
  • Abdullah Alkhayat, BM BCh, FFRRCSI,
  • Pat O'Neill, MB BCh, BAO, FFSEM(I), FFSEM (UK),
  • Stephen Eustace, MB BCh, BAO, FFRRCSI,
  • Eoin Kavanagh, MB BCh, BAO, FFRRCSI

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 12, no. 1
pp. 130 – 132


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We report 2 cases of obturator internus muscle strains. The injuries occurred in young male athletes involved in kicking sports. Case 1 details an acute obturator internus muscle strain with associated adductor longus strain. Case 2 details an overuse injury of the bilateral obturator internus muscles. In each case, magnetic resonance imaging played a crucial role in accurate diagnosis.