Puissant (Oct 2021)

Professional Development and Classroom Assessment Practices of University Faculty in the “New Normal”

  • Polemer M. Cuarto,
  • Harieth C Cuarto

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 2
pp. 282 – 294


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The global health pandemic brought by COVID-19 has radically changed the teaching and learning process of today's education. Aside from the instructional process, classroom assessment is also greatly affected by the change in the mode of teaching and learning in the new normal. This study investigated the impact of professional development on the classroom assessment practices of the faculty of the College of Teacher Education in the new normal using a nonparametric approach. Hypotheses of the study were tested using nonparametric statistical tools such as Spearman rho, Kruskal-Wallis, and Jonckheeree Terpstra test. The study concluded that the level of classroom assessment practices across all factors is significantly influenced by the years of teaching experiences as well as the highest educational attainment of the faculty. Results also supported the impact of professional development on classroom assessment practices and reported a positive trend whereby a higher number of years of teaching experiences and higher educational attainment results in higher levels of classroom assessment practices. The implications of this result are discussed.