Trakia Journal of Sciences (2019-10-01)


  • L. Ilieva

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 17, no. Suppl. 1
pp. 268 – 275


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In order to achieve long-term national priorities - competitiveness and sustainable growth, tourism businesses need to realize the economic relevance of quality management. The study of this problem and its application in tourism practice is particularly relevant given current state and industry initiatives, regulatory and voluntary quality assurance tools. As the quality of the tourist product is a collection of many elements, including the development of modern and developed infrastructure at local and state level; professional training of staff employed in the sector; ensuring security of residence; ensuring a clean environment; the provision of safe services, etc., the main objective of the present study is to research and elucidation the possibilities for quality assurance in Bulgarian tourism enterprises. To achieve this, it is necessary to carry out a theoretical analysis and practical study of the tools used to ensure the quality of the tourist business. As a result of the research, the main normative and voluntary instruments for quality assurance and control in the tourist business are examined, the attitude of the tourism business and the consumers towards the voluntary certification of Quality Management Systems and offered effective measures proposed to promote the initiative of the Bulgarian business to quality assurance of the services offered.