Mehran University Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (Jul 2015)

VOML: A Framework for Modelling Virtual Organizations and Virtual Breeding Environment

  • Noor Jahan Rajper,
  • Stephan Reiffmarganiec

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 34, no. 3
pp. 221 – 234


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This paper presents the VOML (Virtual Organization Modelling Language) framework. VOML is a formal approach for specifying VOs (Virtual Organizations) and their VBEs (Virtual Breeding Environments).The VOML framework allows domain users to model a system in terms of their domain terminology and from that domain specific model IT community can derive a complete operational model closer to underlying execution environment. The framework is a collection of three sub-languages, each covering different aspects which are considered paramount at a particular level of VO representation. We present VOML and its underlying methodological approach in detail and demonstrate how to model VOs. Our focus will be on the methodological approach that VOML supports and on the language primitives that VOML offers for modelling VOs.